Great Lakes Star Gaze Registration

This regsitration form is provided to you in .pdf format. A .docx file is also provded for your convenience. Please note that you will pick up your welcome packet at the star party. Nothing will be mailed to you.

pdf Download the Registration form (PDF version)
doc Download the Registration form (DOCX version)

Mail in registration is currently CLOSED. Apologies that it has not opened yet. We're waiting on clothing order clarification. It should be open on July 1.

Pricing and Discount Information

Please mail in the registration form with the check. Please do not mail in the registration form and ask to pay later. Please do not email the form and then mail the check separately. Curious about pricing? Here is a list of the event pricing:

Individual Registration Fee Friday/Saturday Nights - $55.00
Individual Registration Fee Thursday/Friday/Saturday Nights - $65.00
Family Registration Fee Friday/Saturday/Nights - $75.00
Family Registration Fee Thursday/Friday/Saturday Nights - $85.00
Individual or Family Registration Fee with Trailer for 2 nights (plus RV park fee) - $50.00
Individual or Family Registration Fee with Trailer for 3 nights (plus RV park fee) - $60.00

Subtract $10 from any of the fees if you send your registration form with payment, post marked, on or before the early registration deadline.

Can you have a discounted rate? Sure! Just send your registration in by the early registration deadline (see form for date). We don't offer any other discounts since the RV park charges us per person that stays on the observing hill. All registration fees that we receive are put back in to the event in some way (tents, tables, chairs, speakers, etc.). There are just a few volunteers with big hearts and a love for astronomy that make this happen each year.