Twelfth Annual Star Party

Thank you for yet another wonderful event this year! Please upload your pictures of this years star party. The 2014 Twelfth Annual Great Lakes Star Gaze Star Party will be held Sep. 18-21, 2014, at the River Valley RV Park in Gladwin, MI. Registration will open midyear 2014. The tentative date for the following GLSG star party is Sep. 17-20, 2015.


General Information about the Star Party

Location and dark skies are the main attraction of this star party. Gladwin, MI is a central location that provides excellent observing without traveling hours into Northern Michigan. Limiting magnitudes are estimated to be around 6.5 at zenith with some minor light domes from the cities of Mt. Pleasant and Midland, some 30 miles away. This is a star party for the astronomer who loves to observe and mingle with other astronomers. Some practical and interesting talks are scheduled to enhance your weekend experience.

The GLSG star party will be held at the River Valley RV Park in Gladwin, MI. Directions and more information about the star party can be found in the registration form.